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Our experience in Australia

Defence organisations have to respond to the challenges presented by ever changing requirements, within tight timescales and at the forefront of technological developments. Having advised on over £2 billion of defence projects, our team has a track record of providing services that help clients respond with agility and precision.

Our defence team is organised to respond quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the specific procedural and security requirements of this sector.

An emphasis on security

Members of our team hold defence sector security clearance appropriate for the projects they are working on. The software and procedures we use comply fully with defence sector protocols.

Valuable knowledge

We’re well informed. Our specialists have a background of working in defence and understand the challenges our clients face. The work carried out by our defence sector forum provides a valuable insight into developments and strategic policies in the sector.

Above all, our consultants know how to achieve best value. Clients benefit from a clear decision making framework that gives them confidence they are investing capital in the most effective way.

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Andy King

Andy King
Director, Australia

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Ken Munro

Ken Munro
Director, Defence

Розуміння потреб усіх зацікавлених сторін має важливе значення для досягнення справжнього оптимального використання коштів у оборонному секторі. Ken Munro, Head of Defence