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Our experience in Hong Kong

Retail is a dynamic industry. Developers and retailers must adapt quickly to changing consumer habits. Tight timeframes and competitive trading environments add more pressure.

We have an enviable track record in helping clients meet these challenges, whether they’re building a new shopping centre or breathing fresh life into a retail chain.

Meeting challenges in a demanding market

In a sector where time really is money, units left empty because of poor planning or shops closed because a refit took too long, aren’t acceptable. We work with our clients to understand their particular challenges and create retail destinations that make the most of lettable space.

Our consultants can accurately benchmark projects as diverse as retail parks or high street stores, new build or refurbishment. With an eye to the future of retail, our team lead the industry with an informed opinion on the latest debates, such as clicks v bricks. 

Long standing relationships

We’ve been working with some of the world’s best-known retailers and developers for nearly 100 years. The vast amount of data we’ve amassed on retail property includes programme, specification and cost information that we use to advise on developments and create cost models with realistic cost targets.

To drive value throughout asset lifecycles, our retail sector forum tracks developments in the sector including liaising with clients to understand the drivers influencing the design and layout of facilities.

We must be doing something right - a significant part of our annual turnover is generated from the retail sector, with 80% of this repeat business. 

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Chris Perry

Chris Perry
Regional Director, Asia Pacific

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Sara Boonham

Sara Boonham
Head of Cost Management UK

Anthony Cork

Anthony Cork
Managing Director, North

Ми розпізнаємо складнощі ринку, в якому змагаються забудовники великих торгових центрів та роздрібні торговці, щоб захистити власний бренд і розвивати свій бізнес. Наші рішення ґрунтуються на нашому досвіді у галузі рітейлу, дослідженнях ринку та досягнутих результатах діяльності. Anthony Cork, Director, UK Board & Retail Roll-Out
Роздрібна торгівля – це спеціальна галузь, яка вимагає знань та досвіду. Глідз має необхідні спеціальні знання та досвід. Stuart Smith, Marks & Spencer