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Our experience in Germany

Gleeds is part of a global network. In this sector, we are able to pull from our experience across the world. We support our clients in Germany with our local presence, working together with our international experts to lead your project to success.

We help create world-class working environments for the most demanding research professionals. We’ve won a reputation in this sector for consistently delivering high quality work and advice on technically complex buildings.

Specialist science and pharmaceutical experience

We’ve helped clients to develop and manage a wide variety of successful refurbishment and new development projects.

To create optimum solutions, we always aim to understand our clients’ requirements in depth, including logistics, warehousing infrastructure, technology and data storage, R&D facilities, laboratories, clean rooms, controlled environments, administration and production.

Tailored project support

We tailor our support and advice to suit individual projects. Our experience in providing advice and management support ranges from a project’s inception and funding, through to final delivery and further operational management.

We help provide clean and controlled environments that ensure good manufacturing processes through a wide range of construction services. These include cost and project management, procurement, sustainability, contract compliance, as well as schedule and cost audits.

Global experience, local knowledge

Gleeds’ global network of offices brings our expertise to clients throughout the world, contributing to their continuing development and success. Our teams are integrated with local communities and have close relationships with many premier science and pharmaceutical companies.

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Christoph Krüger

Christoph Krüger
Associate Director, Germany

глобальний контакт
Galvin Tarling

Galvin Tarling
Director, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

Нашим Клієнтам подобається той факт, що ми розуміємо їх вимоги до якості та універсальності на конкурентному ринку. Ми даємо їм гнучкий та інноваційний простір, який дозволяє робити зміни в науково-дослідних проектах, розробках продукту, виробничих лініях, процесах виробництва або чисельності персоналу. Galvin Tarling, Head of Science & Pharmaceuticals