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Our service offering in the UAE

Clients face increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, which our United Kingdom-based team help meet in the most cost effective way. At the same time, we help our clients capitalise on the benefits of high sustainable performance.

Long-term benefits

As well as being cheaper to run, sustainable buildings offer better occupant health and wellbeing, higher staff retention, happier tenants and a boost to corporate reputation. You also get peace of mind that your building is compliant with legislative and/or funding requirements.

Efficient energy and carbon management

Sustainable energy solutions are a major contributor to reducing the cost of energy during the lifetime of a building. They can also significantly reduce the amount of carbon the building emits over its lifespan.

With our help you can meet carbon reduction targets, drive efficiencies, comply with legal requirements and even generate income from renewable energy. We provide commercial advice on energy management and sustainable procurement, as well as whole life value and lifecycle costing.

Full green certification  

Our consultants carry out building performance assessments under internationally recognised schemes including BREEAM®, CEEQUAL, LEED®, DREAM, Code for Sustainable Homes and SKA. We also issue Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates.

In addition to undertaking the green certification assessment, our service supports the attainment of these standards, including:

  • Travel plans
  • Building user guides
  • Site waste management plans
  • Indoor air quality plans
  • Consultation plans
  • Material efficiency reviews
  • Sub-contractor engagement

Planning support from the outset

We deliver full support during the planning stages of a building, reporting and advising on a range of sustainability issues, from water consumption through to material procurement.  We also write sustainability statements to help secure planning permission.

Climate Change Adaptation

A broad consensus exists that our climate is changing.  This means buildings built now will operate in a different climate in the future and design must take this into account.  We can assess the risk of climate change on your current and proposed properties, identify measures that help manage these risks.

Environmental Compliance

Our consultants are able review building processes and procedures to confirm compliance with existing and forthcoming legislation.  We help identify measures that reduce environmental impact and boost Corporate Responsibility credentials. Our certified Lead Auditors can guide you through the recently introduced Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS).

Material Efficiency

We assess building design to ensure that materials selected help minimise waste have a low environmental impact and are responsibly sourced.  This includes reviewing schemes to confirm their recycled content and embodied carbon.

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Jonathon Robinson
Director, UAE

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