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Our service offering in Egypt

Our shutdown and turnaround service - based in the United Kingdom - helps clients manage complex, high value, fast track projects across the world that need tight project, cost, contract and commercial management.

We ensure our clients obtain value for money by providing a constructive and independent challenge to schedules and costs, as well as contract and management activities.

Saving time and cost, and adding value

We offer a complete service from the pre-sanction stage to close-out, providing robust cost, procurement, contract, schedule, resource and risk information. We provide independent, expert and proactive management of procurement, contracts and subcontracts, reducing clients’ workload while enabling them to retain a strategic overview. We tailor our service to suit specific needs, enabling clients to make informed choices and strategic decisions that lead to improved efficiency. 

We reduce set-up time and costs with proven processes and techniques, and provide enhanced predictability for cost and schedule out-turns. Our benchmarking service ensures that realistic targets are set, helping to drive value for money and provide incentives for enhanced efficiency. We can quickly generate ‘what if’ scenarios for resource, schedule, budget and cash flows, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Independent specialist expertise

With over 30 years’ experience of shutdowns and turnarounds, we have provided expert and independent advice on over 100 shutdowns in the UK and overseas in the last 15 years.

We can provide pre preparation planning audits as far as 18 months out from the start of a shutdown, highlighting areas of strength and weakness. Our specialists blend into the client team to provide expertise, advice and transfer of skills.

We adopt tailored procurement routes based on the most efficient use of resources, adding value through cost management and forecasting, as well as commercial and contract management, and risk management.

We use a range of specialist tools and bespoke software, including Primavera P6e and our own planning and cost estimating package (PACE), to provide detailed estimating and cost modelling, as well as planning and work scoping of discreet work packages for a shutdown, overhaul or any other maintenance activity.

Case studies


Using Gleeds-designed Planning and Cost Estimating software (PACE) we substantially reduced planning time and over halved the number of planners required. The software also allows the client to retain all the data for future use and eliminates duplication.


Gleeds' commercial strategy advice helped Centrica achieve a 24% reduction in maintenance spend.