India’s transformative growth continues, and the construction industry is a key enabler. With a fast-growing economy, demand for projects, materials and labour all present opportunities and challenges, such as cost inflation or competition for skilled workers and innovation. 

What's inside the 1Q/2Q FY2025 Report? 

  • Comprehensive survey analysis: Find out the results of our recent survey, offering insights on construction market trends and other valuable information that can guide your business decisions. 
  • Polling perspectives: Geopolitical events and their ramifications are crucial for India’s growth prospects in a general election year. Examine findings from our survey and wider sources for a complete picture of market sentiment and anticipate potential outcomes for the construction industry. 
  • Industry data sources: Analyse the latest data covering the economy, materials, labour rates and sector costs, along with short- and long-term forecasts to inform decision-making, planning and projections. 
  • Recent pricing trends: Stay competitive by following the latest pricing trends from our Gleeds construction cost indices, which track the construction market conditions in six major cities, including Hyderabad, NCR and Pune. 

Stay informed as the market transforms. Ensure you are fully geared to maximise project success with the latest insights and findings in our India Biannual Construction Market Report 1Q/2Q FY2025. 



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Vishal Shah
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Jayashree Srinivasaragavan
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