Babcock provide a range of products and service solutions to enhance their customers’ defence capabilities and critical assets. They help their customers around the world to cost effectively improve the capability, reliability and availability of their most critical assets.


Gleeds has a long-standing relationship with Babcock, delivering project controls and cost management services across their varied portfolio of projects. Gleeds work closely with Babcock to provide functional support in tendering and bidding new programmes, project controls and expert contractual advisory services and performing peer reviews on operational projects to provide and implement recommendations to enhance Babcocks cost engineering and management processes.

The portfolio of programmes and projects Gleeds have assited Babcocks with include; 

  • Fleet Time Maritime Support (FMSP) – Risk Reviews
  • HMS Vanguard Submarine DMP – Cost Estimation
  • HMS Victorious Submarine DMP – Critical Reviews
  • Dreadnaught Class – Peer review cost, schedule and risk
  • 9 Dock & 5 Basin infrastructure programme – Peer reviews
  • Warships refit programme – Costs and Risk Assessments
  • T31 Frigate new build – Tender support
  • International naval enhancement capability programme
  • 10 Dock infrastructure – Contract and procurement advice.

HMS Vanguard Submarine and DMP: Innovation and added value

Through Gleeds’ integrated and joint teaming approach, we brought together a team of qualified and experienced individuals to assist Babcock to strengthen their project controls environment and develop, implement and maintain industry best practice techniques for the estimating, planning and scheduling activities required for the HMS Vanguard DMP. We mobilised a team of 12 subject matter experts to be fully integrated into the existing customers organisation. The integrated team was led and managed by Gleeds under an alliance charter that ensured all members were aligned and focussed on delivering the objectives.