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Our experience in India

We understand the particular pressures involved with managing the investment of taxpayers’ money in the public sector.

Demands are greater. Scrutiny is closer. Budgets are tighter. By working with our clients at the earliest stage of a project, to understand their assets and how they might use them better, we help deliver any subsequent works on schedule and within budget, whatever the constraints.

Moving with the times

The rapidly changing public sector environment, with its emphasis on higher efficiency targets, requires clients to reduce spend and make better use of capital assets. All whilst improving front line services and driving economic growth.

Key to achieving this is a robust estates strategy. Our advisers discuss client goals and develop an approach that meets their immediate requirements, whilst delivering best value over time.

This doesn’t necessarily equate to a new build project – a client could generate additional income through the disposal of redundant land, or repurpose existing assets.

Managing assets effectively

We have developed a substantial benchmarking database that helps clients assess the assets they have, and the potential they offer. The insight it delivers is invaluable to clients in determining the strategy for any given project.

Our access to the latest cost data, market analysis and building information modelling (BIM) capabilities means our thinking is always based on sound information.

Our team has specialist sustainability and procurement expertise, for clients requiring an additional pair of hands to meet statutory requirements.

To give further peace of mind, the systems we deploy meet all government and regulatory classifications.

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Ben Huskisson
Gleeds India MD & Chief Digital Officer

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Jonathan Stewart
Senior Director, Public Sector Lead

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